Africa EUnite

2-13 September, 2022



Africa EUnite is a youth exchange program which connects and brings together young people living in Europe who has a strong connection with Africa.

The project focuses on some aspects of the African cultures and on important issues related to Africa. Young participants will share and learn about those topics and they will present them to the local population during the local annual fest. 


• Bring together 42 young people living Europe with different backgrounds who are connected by a common bound with Africa


• Deepen the wide concept of African cultures, recognize similarities and peculiarities of different part of Africa

• Compare and reflect on the European imaginary upon African cultures and the one brought by the participants

• Learn and share about different cultural features: basic words and sentences, literature, dances, music, food, lifestyles, world-views, afro-centric history and more

• Focus on topics like: international politics, human rights, European law, inclusion/integration, migrations, racism and xenophobia, activism

• Take an active part in the organization of the local fest of Bergolo and involve local population in discovering the topics of the project, fighting prejudices, contrast the negative narration about African people. Enjoy the local fest

• Implement a fundraising campaign during Bergolo fest and donate it to a cause chosen by participants that supports young people with African origins

• Disseminate what participants learned in their local environment


The project is based mainly on non-formal education methods. It counts on the active and creative involvement of all participants and on the contribution that each national group will bring.

Non-formal learning provides a learning environment where people with different background and competencies on a certain topic can improve them. It is based on interactive methods that count on the active participation of the learners and on their contributions. It doesn't count on exams and certifications are made through self-assessment. Includes activities like interactive presentations, educational games, quizzes, simulations, reflections and sharing, discussions, group assignments, outdoor and movement activities

During part of the exchange we plan to disconnect from devices (smartphones, computer, etc.) it’s an healthy practice we often do in our projects, it improves the group dynamics and the personal involvement. 

We send daily updates to participants’ relatives and friends with pictures and videos. If that is not enough to reassure them or if you have specific needs of Internet connection, let us know in the comments in the application form




This project is alcohol free. We believe it is good for the social environment and for the active and positive involvement of the participants. On Bergolo Fest Saturday night, the no-alcohol policy is paused and people may have the chance to taste good local wine. 


English and French are the main languages of the project. We plan to use both languages during the exchange and to make simultaneous translations. 

The national leaders and external translators will support the interaction between participants.


* participating partially can not be an option as the regulations of the Erasmus+ program state


June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

Video Calls planning meetings for the organizations involved in the project


2-13 September 2022

Youth Exchange

Dissemination of the information, confirmation of the participants, formation of the national groups and booking of the travels


15 September – End of October 2022

It is about filling in an evaluation form, writing/recording a testimony, share the outcomes of the project online and implementing 1 activity in each country to deepen and disseminate the topic of the exchange that involves at least other 15 young people. In order to let us know that you have read fully the information of the project and you know what you are applying for, please write the key word “Africa” in the correct spot in the application form.

Preparation of activities in groups of interest: we will put participants in contact according to their interests and experiences and they will create - with the support of the coordinator – some workshops that they will facilitate to the other participants during the first days of the exchange



2 Sep / Day 0


3 Sep / Day 1

Intro, getting to know each other’s, team building

4-8 Sep / Day 2-5

Exploring and deepening the main topics of the project

9 Sep / Day 6

Preparation of Bergolo Fest

10-11 Sep / Day 7-8

Take part in Bergolo Fest

12 Sep / Day 9

Closing of the exchange, plan forward, evaluation

13 Sep / Day 10




Village of 54 inhabitants, is located in the hills of southern Piedmont, in the province of Cuneo. It is a quiet destination for lovers of nature and outdoor activities. The village has no shops, only two restaurants and a bar.

Bergolo has a long tradition of music, art and, in general, cultural festivals. Since 2018 it has regularly hosted youth exchanges and training courses organized by various associations and public entities.

Check the place here!

Beautiful Landscape



• For people resident in Italy the travel reimbursement budget is up to 40€

• For people resident in France, Hungary, Netherlands and Spain, there is a budget of 200€ for the reimbursement of the return trip from their living place to Milan airports if they travel by plane. In that case they can travel up to 2 days before and after the program days.


For the participants coming by plane, a common bus will bring them from Milan airports to Bergolo, location of the exchange; the cost of the bus is payed by the organizers. 

In case participants use only green transports (buses, trains, boats or carpooling) the budget is 310€ and they can travel up to 4 days before and after the program days. In case participants use the common bus, the travel budget is reduced of – 35€ per trip. 


Shared rooms in Alveare Hostel or possibility to sleeping in provided individual / double tents in the Camping area (250 m far from the hostel). Costs are covered by a co-funding of the Erasmus+ program


3 meals per day + 2 coffee break will be offered to participants and leaders. Also those costs are covered by a co-funding of the Erasmus+ program


Participants will be involved in light house duties (cleaning the common areas, take care of their own bedroom, support the kitchen team with the wash dished, check that people is on time and similars). That will be done in small international groups with a duties rotation system. Taking care together of our home and of our own needs, not being served by someday else, increases our common sense of ownership toward the experience


We ask participants to contribute in the implementation of the project by paying a participation fee: a sign of real interest and a very concrete contribution to the project implementation. The amount is proportional to the average net wage of each country:

• Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France  50€

• Hungary 40€

*In case the participation fee represents a REAL OBSTACLE for your participation, let us know in the application form. 

National leaders are exempted as they are supporting the project with an extra involvement 



• Young people with African roots or young people with no-African roots but deeply interested in African cultures or topics


• Officially resident in France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands or Spain

• People who has already the needed documents to travel to Italy

• With an age between 20 and 30 years

• Available to take active part in all phases of the project


  • Have the same characteristics of the participants but up to 40 years old

  • Willing to practice organizational roles within the Organizing Team and available to take active part in daily Team meetings and in taking care of other tasks out of the program schedule (being a Team member is a rewarding and intense experience which embraces almost the full day!) 

  • Fluent in English and in the language of their national groups


  • Preferably with previous experiences in youth exchanges

We welcome young people living  challenging situations because of social, economic, cultural or geographical factors or different types of special needs. Let us know in the application form how we can support you in taking active part in the project




In case you have any question, or you need clarifications, contact the partner organization based in your country